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Home theater Systems in the Inland Empire and Orange County

Imagine sitting down in your favorite chair, picking up your remote control, pushing one button and, in just seconds, the lights dim, your system comes to life, and the latest blockbuster movie or live concert performance begins.

You'll first notice an incredibly sharp high-definition picture in front of you, almost lifelike. Then quickly realize you're immersed in a three–dimensional soundstage with sounds moving around you in all directions. Not to mention the subterranean rumble you can actually feel.
You can't help but to become drawn in as all of these elements coalesce into an unbelievable cinematic experience. Say hello to a movie-watching experience unlike any other in the comfort. of your own home. AUDIO VIDEO AUTHORITY can provide this performance in systems designed for any room from a family room, to a dedicated theater room.

The benefit is that we not only install your equipment but we sell top of the line brands that you can choose from. Our complete line of speakers, power amplifiers, processing, lighting, microphones, and accessories make Audio Video Authority the primary source for all of your professional AV needs. Systems can vary widely in complexity and application, but the overriding aim is always to provide a high performance, reliable solution, tailored exactly to the customer's requirements.
Contact us today and learn why we put such a high premium on quality for everything we do.
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